Cafe Perla - Exotic Specialty Coffee

Cafe Perla is a direct trade coffee company that purchases, processes and imports coffee from South America.  We have locations across Peru and in the Reno / Tahoe area of Nevada and California.  We were created on the idea of economic and social progress through agricultural production of coffee.  We work to positively affect the lives of each of our farmers and the economic, social, cultural and environmental concerns of their communities.

        We work hand in hand with Apropos International, Tunki-Wasi and the Institute of I.D.E.A.S. to create a model of sourcing and farming organic, direct trade, arabica specialty coffee while positively affecting the environment.


New Reno / Tahoe Roastery & Cafe

Opening 2019!!


Outdoor music venue & bar

2019 here we come....

Santa Teresa

The Drying Process - exotic specialty coffee

The washing process - coffee


Cafe Perla & Apropos International